About the profile image, we do want to implement a static file storage so that people can upload images and other files to the website. Even more important than for profiles, that would be used on article images as well. We just haven't had the time/energy yet.
Feel free to open any suggestions or questions about OurBigBook as an issue at: github.com/ourbigbook/ourbigbook/issues It doesn't have to be a bug, any discussion is welcome there.
Also, a suggestion, this page would likely be better split into smaller sections, notably one of them named "Set profile image on OurBigBook".
The reason for this suggestion is that that basically the only feature that justifies the existence of OurBigBook currenly is the topics feature, and "Set profile image on OurBigBook" would be a good bet for a topic under which other people might add their own versions of things.
It is also better SEO.
Such page atomicity does require some work, but we do believe that it could be a game changer as more and more people get into the hang of it.
Of course, this is purely a suggestion with the goal of highlighting the topics feature, we will never ever interfere with legal user content, and we see that this is a specific meta topic.

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