Hi Dmitri,
Thanks for trying out the website.
As you can see, there are absolutely no anti-vote fraud mechanisms at this point.
The plan is to just start out simply manually taking down obvious stuff, until there are users. Which might never happen.
If one day there are ever any users, the dream would be a PageRank-like algorithm with per user per tag weights: cirosantilli.com/ourbigbook-com#pagerank-like-ranking But that is a very very far dream.
BTW, how did you get so many gmail addresses? Do you just have a cell phone farm? Or is it from before the days that phone verification became mandatory? Edit: the gmails are all down according to gmail auto-reply. So perhaps Dmitri just created an account, verified, and then deleted it, and created a new one manually? But that would requirea lot of patience!
I should also mention that we welcome vote fraud experimentation, especially when there will be more content. Unlike Stack Overflow: github.com/cirosantilli/stack-overflow-vote-fraud-script
All best

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