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= Ciro Santilli's love advice

In the field of Love and Friendship, Ciro is a big believer in the merciless application of <tit for tat>. Never desire someone's love if you give and what comes back is not proportional. Cut your attempts to reach out immediately in such cases.

Never tell a woman you like her before she is in your bed.

If someone likes you and you don't like them as much, make that clear to them. Don't put this off, be it for <Ciro Santilli's self perceived compassionate personality>[compassion], curiosity, loneliness, or <narcissism>. from <video Charles Bukowski Scandanavian TV interviews>:
\Q[The way to get a woman is not to have money, not to look nice, not to have a nice personality. The way to get a woman, is to always be available, night or day. Any time you phone, you're there, or you're at the bar. They know that you are available at all times. It is very, very important to a woman.]

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