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= JCVI-syn3A

<essential metabolism for a minimal cell (2019)> mentions:
\Q[JCVI-syn3A, a robust minimal cell with a 543 kbp genome and 493 genes, provides a versatile platform to study the basics of life.]


Based on <JCVI-syn3.0>, they've added a few genes back to give better <phenotypes>, including slightly faster duplication time. Because <the development cycle time is your God> is also true in biology.

As of <essential metabolism for a minimal cell (2019)> it had only 91 genes of unknown function! So funny.


{title=<JCVI-syn3A> during <cell division> by <David Goodsell> (2022)}
{description=A description is present at: Integrative Illustration of a JCVI-syn3A Minimal Cell by <David Goodsell> (2022) which describes everything in the picture.}