Source: /cirosantilli/shakacode-react-on-rails

= shakacode/react_on_rails

Uses Redux, while reactjs/react-rails appears to do that more manually

Lots of focus on <Heroku> deployability, which is fantastic:

Live instance: with source at: Not the most advanced web-app (a <gothinkster realworld>-level would be ideal). Also has clear dependency description, which is nice.

Trying at on <Ubuntu> 20.10. Got some failures: Finally got a version of it working at:\#issuecomment-812506821

Oh, and the guy behind that project lives in <Hawaii> (<Ciro Santilli's ideal city to live in>), has an Asian-mixed son, and two <Kinesis Advantage 2 keyboards> as seen at[], <Ciro Santilli> was jealous of him.