We shouldn't have countries.
We should have one big global government, with one global language that everyone can speak, and slightly different local laws, so you can choose where to live based on the laws you approve of the most.
Our definition: first generation to be born in country parent immigrated to.
Figure 1.
We go forward by Owlturd
. Source.
Being a first generation immigrant, this cartoon does make Ciro think about the future of his children.
Immigrating is incredibly time consuming and direclty limits what you can do in life later on. One can only hope that their children will take advantage of the new opportunities provided to them.
The author apparently self deleted his site at some point unfortnately: www.reddit.com/r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/7dyslp/apparently_shen_from_owlturd_is_going_on_hiatus/
Video 1.
How do you start a new country? by Jay Foreman (2021)
. Source.

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