AKA how this GitHub page gets served under the domain: cirosantilli.com
Ciro only touches this very rarely, and always forgets and go into great pain whenever a change needs to done, so it is important to document it.
The last change was of 2019-07-07, when Ciro moved from the www subdomain www.cirosantilli.com to the APEX cirosantilli.com. A redirect is setup from the www subdomain to APEX.
GoDaddy DNS entries:
Type    Name    Value                   TTL
A       @         1 Hour
A       @         1 Hour
A       @         1 Hour
A       @         1 Hour
CNAME   www     cirosantilli.github.io  1 Hour
Moved cirosantilli.com to Porkbun 2022-02, unfortunatly records were not automatically updated and domain went down for a bit, upadded to new entries for IPv6 as well which are not documented by GitHub:
A	cirosantilli.com	600
A	cirosantilli.com	600
A	cirosantilli.com	600
A	cirosantilli.com	600
AAAA	cirosantilli.com	2606:50c0:8000::153	600
AAAA	cirosantilli.com	2606:50c0:8001::153	600
AAAA	cirosantilli.com	2606:50c0:8002::153	600
AAAA	cirosantilli.com	2606:50c0:8003::153	600
CNAME	www.cirosantilli.com	cirosantilli.github.io	600
  • Custom domain: cirosantilli.com
  • Enforce HTTPS: checked
And the CNAME file is tracked in this repository: CNAME.

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