People love green on black mostly. about Section "CIA 2010 covert communication websites (Iran, China)":
  • user thewildginger:
    Nothing like finding a webpage you can read from Lynx.
  • user socketcluster:
    Based on the choice of fonts and colors, you know this is a serious hacker website ;p
At Reddit user Short_Ad_7853:
Jesus that is an interesting choice of colors from 1000 Monero donation:
  • user -TrustyDwarf-:
    Anyone mind to explain wtf this ugly piece of webpage reminding me of geocities from the 90s is about? I'd read it myself but I can't because it already gave me eye cancer.
  • user rbrunner7:
    It's all quite strange. Never mind the 90s design, people built good websites already back then with the tools at hand, but even their "About" isn't very clear. If you need 5 minutes to be reasonably sure what it is all about they are still doing it wrong.
  • automobi1e
    I'd rather take a look at the welding