The ball game is named cuju.
He is extremely despicable and petty, enjoys only useless things, and is vengeful and disloyal. Rooting for sport teams is stupid.
Surely his family name 俅 is a pun on the same sounding character 求 for ball.
Lance instructor of the 800,000 Imperial Guards (八十万禁军枪棒教头). TODO understand the "枪棒" part:
The adopted son of Gao Qiu wanted to fuck his wife, and because of this they frame him of planning to take revenge by killing Go Qiu, even though Lin Chong had decided not to take revenge to avoid harming his wife further.
They just keep trying to kill him, until at one point he just gives up and becomes a fugitive.
His story is well told in The Water Margin.
Usually called by others as 林教头 (lin jiaotou, literally Head Instructor Lin, but usually translated as just Instructor Lin).
Early on, he's usually called by others as Major Lu (魯提轄).
His original name is Lu Da 魯達
He then receives the Buddhist name Zhishen (智深, profound wisdom) during conversion.
Erniang is way more popular than her ranking in the 108 Stars of Destiny.
This is of course in part because she is one of the only 3 108 Stars of Destiny women. But her story about making human mantou is particularly fun!
She's also quite seductive, which gives directors a good opportunity for a bit of fan service. See e.g. for a still from The Water Margin showing some good cleavage for example.
He used to train the 800,000 imperial guard troops at the Capital, much like Lin Chong. He's not one of the 108 Stars of Destiny.

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