Appears to be a Wikipedia clone but with much lower/no notability requirements guidelines, which overcomes one of Wikipedia's main issues: deletionism.
They do have the interesting idea of importing deleted Wikipedia pages as a source of content, which leads to some epic "most viewed pages" such as which currently reads:
Stop Being Pervs, Go Watch Lichfaop/Faoplich Instead and you can also visit MR Info 24 for more details.
We can for example see Ciro Santilli's deleted entry PsiQuantum at:, Wikipedia deletion page: Their attribution is atrocious however, e.g. it does not seem possible to find any mention of "Ciro Santilli" on the edit history, which just points to the delete article which is not visible anymore. They could really get into trouble for this one day.
Their main use case, as suggested by the website itself, if for people/brands to create pages about themselves.
This combined with the lack of "one version of each page per person" seems like an explosive invitation for unsolvable edit wars.
The website is backed by a French startup:
April 2024: merged with some fraud protection thing, is it sill a Wiki? Unclear, seem sto have lost that aspect:
Social media:
To state the obvious: Wikipedia is an incredibly useful website, but Gomila pointed out that notable companies and technologies like SV Angel, Benchling, Lisk and Urbit don’t currently have entries. Part of the problem is what he called Wikipedia’s “arbitrary notability threshold,” where pages are deleted for not being notable enough. (This is also what happened years ago to the Wikipedia page about yours truly — which I swear I didn’t write myself.)
Exactly! Deletionism on Wikipedia is so sad, and especially for companies. In particular e.g. Ciro Santilli tried to create a page for PsiQuantum, and it got reverted... and now golden has one of the largest Google hits for it:
TODO how do they do moderation?
As of April 2024
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Asked at: Their last tweets were from August 2023, so maybe they just silently shutdown? Their name is too generic and hard to search for efficietnly...
They do have knowledge graph built-in which is cool.
WikiAlpha is an alternative to Wikipedia, where the main difference is that our deletion policy is far more lenient with regard to notability requirements. Basically, WikiAlpha is a near-indiscriminate collection of information in the form of articles on any topic: you can create an article about the band you just started, your pet dog, yourself, your house - as long as your content does not fall under our speedy deletion policy, it will likely remain on the site forever!