Video 1. Computer Aided Simulation & Design in Chemical Engineering by Chemical Engineering Guy (2016) Source. Interesting overview of the different types of modelling software used in chemical process design.
Video 2. How to Design a Total Synthesis by Mike Christiansen (2013) Source. Just a ultra quick hello world with some very basic ideas, but worth watching.
Video 3. SuperPro Designer: Fermentation Simulation by LearnChemE (2012) Source.
Video 1. Process Simulation Software FREE Download - Aspen Hysys versus DWSim | COCO by Jeferson Costa (2020) Source. Jeferson, a Brazilian from Petrobras, is the creator of the open source DWSim software, and in this video he gives a quick demo of his software and compares it briefly to aspen HYSYS, which appears to be the golden paid reference implementaion.
Video 1. Aspen Hysys Introduction by Emmanuel Oloyede (2016) Source. Holy crap, the UI is idential to Microsoft Word with that huge top bar!!!

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