TODO why can't we produce organic compounds more cheaply by total synthesis than biosynthesis?
Video 1.
Computer Aided Simulation & Design in Chemical Engineering by Chemical Engineering Guy (2016)
. Source. Interesting overview of the different types of modelling software used in chemical process design.
Video 2.
How to Design a Total Synthesis by Mike Christiansen (2013)
. Source. Just a ultra quick hello world with some very basic ideas, but worth watching.
Video 3.
SuperPro Designer: Fermentation Simulation by LearnChemE (2012)
. Source.
Video 1.
Process Simulation Software FREE Download - Aspen Hysys versus DWSim | COCO by Jeferson Costa (2020)
. Source. Jeferson, a Brazilian from Petrobras, is the creator of the open source DWSim software, and in this video he gives a quick demo of his software and compares it briefly to aspen HYSYS, which appears to be the golden paid reference implementaion.
Video 1.
Aspen Hysys Introduction by Emmanuel Oloyede (2016)
. Source. Holy crap, the UI is idential to Microsoft Word with that huge top bar!!!
First, experiments, please how do you determine it and how it helps predict the future:
No YouTube video? Really?

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