So far, no new domains have been found with Common Crawl, nor have any existing known domains been found to be present in Common Crawl. Our working theory is that Common Crawl never reached the domains How did Alexa find the domains?
Let's try and do something with Common Crawl.
Unfortunately there's no IP data apparently:, so let's focus on the URLs.
Hello world:
select * from "ccindex"."ccindex" limit 100;
Data scanned: 11.75 MB
Sample first output line:
#                            2
url_surtkey                  org,whwheelers)/robots.txt
url_host_tld                 org
url_host_2nd_last_part       whwheelers
url_host_registry_suffix     org
url_host_private_suffix      org
url_protocol                 https
url_path                     /robots.txt
fetch_time                   2021-06-22 16:36:50.000
fetch_status                 301
content_digest               3I42H3S6NNFQ2MSVX7XZKYAYSCX5QBYJ
content_mime_type            text/html
content_mime_detected        text/html
warc_filename                crawl-data/CC-MAIN-2021-25/segments/1623488519183.85/robotstxt/CC-MAIN-20210622155328-20210622185328-00312.warc.gz
warc_record_offset           1854030
warc_record_length           639
warc_segment                 1623488519183.85
crawl                        CC-MAIN-2021-25
subset                       robotstxt
So url_host_3rd_last_part might be a winner for CGI comms fingerprinting!
Naive one for one index:
select * from "ccindex"."ccindex" where url_host_registered_domain = '' limit 100;
have no results... data scanned: 5.73 GB
Let's see if they have any of the domain hits. Let's also restrict by date to try and reduce the data scanned:
select * from "ccindex"."ccindex" where
  fetch_time < TIMESTAMP '2014-01-01 00:00:00' AND
  url_host_registered_domain IN (
Humm, data scanned: 60.59 GB and no hits... weird.
Sanity check:
select * from "ccindex"."ccindex" WHERE
  crawl = 'CC-MAIN-2013-20' AND
  subset = 'warc' AND
  url_host_registered_domain IN (
has a bunch of hits of course. Also Data scanned: 212.88 MB, WHERE crawl and subset are a must! Should have read the article first.
Let's widen a bit more:
select * from "ccindex"."ccindex" WHERE
  crawl IN (
  ) AND
  subset = 'warc' AND
  url_host_registered_domain IN (
Still nothing found... they don't seem to have any of the URLs of interest?

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