Figure 1.
A blind erhu street performer playing in Jingzhou, Hubei (2006)
. Source. Playing the erhu is a traditional occupation for blind people in China, a notable example being Abing.
Video 2.
The 12 Most Famous Erhu Melodies in China (2021)
. Source. TODO transcribe list.
Composed by Abing in 1949[ref] contains an amazing orchestral version for di flute TODO identify! When attempting to upload to YouTube, it identifies as "Su Wu Tending the Sheep" and give a name "Chen Tao", but no further information. Chen Tao is presumably this dude: | 陈涛苏武牧羊/5532#11_2 mentions that it comes from an erhu concerto composed by Peng Xiuwen
The sadness of the erhu perfectly fits the role and mood of the story! Brilliant!
Once Ciro Santilli played Suwu herding sheep while his mother in law was around, and she quickly pointed out:
Suwu by Abing!
He's very popular!
And also a composer, e.g. he composed Reflections of the Moon on Erquan.

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