Revolutionary for its time, and a big part of Ciro's Enlightenment.
But too insane, and did not keep up with internet age, and so Ciro wants to kill it now.
Default mathematics typesetting used in OurBigBook Markup.
Key issues:
LaTeX subset that output nicely to HTML.
Too insane though due to LaTeX roots, better just move to newer HTML-first markups like OurBigBook Markup or markdown.
XML, ain't nobody ever going to write that manually.
The questions are: who is this Mark, and why does he have to go down?
This is good software.
If it only it were written in JavaScript instead of Haskell (!?), then Ciro might have used it as the basis for OurBigBook Markup.
Ciro Santilli was contributing to this, when CommonMark left private mode and killed it, thus wasting many hours of Ciro's time.
CommonMark is a good project. But its initial release method was not very nice, they first developed everything behind closed doors with the big adopters like GitHub and Stack Overflow, and only later released the thing read, thus wasting the time of people who were working on alternative in the meanwhile, e.g. which Ciro contributed to: Ciro Santilli's minor projects.

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