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Video 1.
Posing As a Wind Instrument Player In an Ensemble by Li Xuan
. Source. Part of "Chinese Ancient Music - Vol 2, High Mountains And Flowing Water", e.g. as seen at:
Video 1.
Ambush from ten sides performed by Jiaju Shen (2017)
. Source.
Video 2. . Source. The sound quality is not great, but you do get to see the master. TODO location and date.
God this song.
Lit. "sunny spring white snow".
Video 1. . Source. From the 1996 album: "A Collection of Chinese Music Masterpieces: Pipa": TODO recording date.
Video 2.
White snow in sunny spring performed by Wu Man in 2020 at The Kennedy Center
. Source.
Composed by Wang Huiran in 1960.
The Yi people are one of the officially recognized 55 Chinese ethnic minorities.
Video 1. . Source. From the album Chinese Plucked Instruments: Vol. 2 - Fishermen’s Song At South Sea: (2004)
Video 2.
Dance of the Yi People performed by Wu Man (2021)
. Source. Presented by the Aga Khan Music Program.
This piece is a reference to Dragon boats from the Dragon Boat Festival.
The explosive moments presumably represent the intense rowing action of a dragon boat race competition.
TODO date composed.
Video 1.
Dragon boat performed by Yuanchun Yu (2021)
. Source.

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