The best one is OurBigBook Markup of course! :-)
Written in R, but also relies on pandoc, so quite bad dependency wise.
Cross files references to IDs: yes. But no check by default for duplicates when doing automatic ID from title. Just automatically disambiguates with -1, -2 suffixes, and links take the last one available.
Source page splitting: splits at h2 by default. If configurable, likely always af fixed level?
Has some nice image generation from inline code from standard R plotting functions.
Hello world on Ubuntu 23.04 after installing R:
sudo R -e 'install.packages("bookdown")'
git clone
cd bookdown-demo
Rscript -e 'bookdown::render_book("index.Rmd")'
xdg-open _book/index.html
The build CLI comes from:
The installatoin Rscript -e 'bookdown::render_book("index.Rmd")' takes several minutes, it compiles a bunch of stuff from source apparently. but it did work.