Videos should be found/made for all of those: videos of all key physics experiments
This shows that viewing electromagnetism as gauge theory does have experimentally observable consequences. TODO understand what that means.
In more understandable terms, it shows that the magnetic vector potential matters where the magnetic field is 0.
Video 1.
The Quantum Experiment that ALMOST broke Locality by The Science Asylum (2019)
. Source.
Classic theory predicts that the output frequency must be the same as the input one since the electromagnetic wave makes the electron vibrate with same frequency as itself, which then irradiates further waves.
But the output waves are longer because photons are discrete and energy is proportional to frequency:
The formula is exactly that of two relativistic billiard balls colliding.
Therefore this is evidence that photons exist and have momentum.
Video 1.
Compton Scattering by Compton Scattering (2017)
. Source. Experiment with a caesium-137 source.
Video 2.
L3.3 Compton Scattering by Barton Zwiebach (2017)
. Source.
No matter how hight the wave intensity, if it the frequency is small, no photons are removed from the material.
This is different from classic waves where energy is proportional to intensity, and coherent with the existence of photons and the Planck-Einstein relation.
Video 1.
Photoelectric effect by UCSB Physics Lecture Demonstrations (2021)
. Source.

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