It is interesting to see how your own ideas shift with time, and Ciro Santilli doesn't think the following are very important anymore, so he was lazy to migrate them.
When he did the original website Ciro was in a "I must show off my skills to get a job mindset", but then after he landed a few jobs he moved to a "CV websites are useless, just do amazing projects and showcase them on your website to help them succeed" mindset.
Non-technical skills were moved to: Ciro Santilli's skills.
This has not been updated since 2016 after Ciro got a job, because it is too hard to put a number on any skill.
10 You literally have written a book.
7 - 9 Expert, go-to person on this technology.
5 - 6 Solid daily working knowledge. Highly proficient.
3 - 4 Comfortable working with this, have to check manual on some things.
1 - 2 Have worked with it previously but either not much, or rusty.
I copied this grading scale mechanism from a failed Google interview ;-)
One problem with it is that I am always very hesitant to put a 5 on anything, who can not look at the documentation?
It is also hard to scope things right. Who can claim to be a C++ or Linux kernel expert, even if you wrote a book about it, since those are such humongous topics?
As a result, I haven't updated this in a while, and things may be out of date.
If your project does something that interests me, I can what it takes to contribute. Tell me what I must know, how long I have to learn it, and I'll call you back when I've mastered it.
Grade Name Notes
4 C / C++ Cheatsheets: C, C++, POSIX C API
3 x86 assembly, ELF Cheatsheet, x86 Paging Tutorial, Bare Metal
4 Python Cheatsheet
4 Bash Cheatsheets: language, POSIX / GNU utils
4 HTML, CSS, JavaScript web technology, Node.js, CoffeScript
4 Java Cheatsheet, school projects
3 Ruby, Rails GitLab contributions, cheatsheets: Ruby, rails-cheat
3 GDB Cheatsheet
2 MySQL Tutorial
3 LaTeX, Markdown LaTeX cheatsheet, Markdown style guide, Markdown Testsuite contributions, Jekyll cheatsheet
Grade Name Notes
3 Algorithms Cheatsheet and implementations
3 Linux internals Linux Kernel Module Cheat
5 Git Tutorial
4 Buildroot Some .configs, Linux Kernel Module Cheat uses it a lot
3 OpenGL Cheatsheet and mini projects
3 Vim .vimrc + cheatsheet at end
3 Django Cheatsheet and mini project
2 Android Cheatsheet
2 OpenCL Cheatsheet
3 QEMU QEMU recipes, basic devices
1 Chef For GitLab Contributions
1 AWS, Heroku EC2, SES
1 Media formats Video, Images, FFmpeg
1 Networking Cheatsheet, basic POSIX networking

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