There are infinitely many prime k-tuples for every admissible tuple.
Generalization of the Twin prime conjecture.
As of 2023, there was no specific admissible tuple for which it had been proven that there infinite of, only bounds of type:
there are infinitely 2-tuple instances with at most a finite bound
But these do not specify which specific tuple, e.g. Yitang Zhang's theorem.
There are infinitely many primes with a neighbour not further apart than 70 million. This was the first such finite bound to be proven, and therefore a major breakthrough.
This implies that for at least one value (or more) below 70 million there are infinitely many repetitions, but we don't know which e.g. we could have infinitely many:
or infinitely many:
or infinitely many:
or infinitely many:
but we don't know which of those.
The Prime k-tuple conjecture conjectures that it is all of them.
Also, if 70 million could be reduced down to 2, we would have a proof of the Twin prime conjecture, but this method would only work for (k, k + 2).

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