Title reply because they can't Ctrl+F: How Ciro Santilli manages to write so much
Most of the thread went into pro/anti gay trashtalk due to Ciro using Gay Putin at the time on his Stack Overflow profile as a useless way to protest the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Some comments:
How does this guy manage to be so active on Stack Overflow? I feel like this disgusting avatar is on at least a quarter of all the active posts.
The answers are always pretty good though.
I came across this schizo's github once, but I had forgotten his name
Obviously severe autism. Also racism homophobia Looks like everything is ok if it's Russia/Chinese...
Reply: it is plublicly known that Putin is homophobic as fuck and hates that picture. Therefore we use it. If Putin were heterophobic, we'd post him as hetero.
The only new information:
Reminds me of Xah Lee.
Let's see:

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