Ciro Santilli's email can be found by cloning one of his repositories on GitHub. It is also given at: Section "How to contact Ciro Santilli".
The first one Ciro Santilli managed to get working in 2022, and which has a free plan.
You can either verify your sending domain by adding 3 DNS records.
Saw the email on Gmail, but Microsoft Outlook did put it into junk though. Yahoo mail also worked fine.
100 emails a day is not insane, but it is forever and appropriate for a test, I'm happy with that.
You need a secondary password that when used leads to an empty inbox with a setting set where message are deleted after 2 days.
This way, if the attacker sends a test email, it will still show up, but being empty is also plausible.
Of course, this means that any new emails received will be visible by the attacker, so you have to find a way to inform senders that the account has been compromised.
So you have to find a way to inform senders that the account has been compromised, e.g. a secret pre-agreed canary that must be checked each time as part of the contact protocol.
One of the very few encrypted emails... beauty. And they also have an encrypted password manager!!! Using this is a must as of 2023 basically. The only missing thing now is to find a fully open source alternative!!!
Sure, search capabilities have to be somewhat limited: you've fucking got to use Tor Browser with it if you want your IP to remain hidden, learn that...
Are daily notifications without a recovery email possible? OK, they do work actually.
The lack of Gmail dot trick is tragic however, and you have to pay for multiple aliases. But you can however create separate inboxes with the same cell phone verification however.
God, I love this company so much.
This allows you to create multiple non-anonymous accounts on any website that doesn't account for it, as this is not part of the email protocols in general.
OMG those devs are brutes, it's beautiful.