It should be illegal to give someone money to advertise your product.
We should just use tags and upvote-based algorithms.
Advertisement is a form of brainwashing.
TODO find Sergey Brin quote bout advertising being a form of perverting search engine ranking neutrality. In other words, there are neutral metrics to what people find good, like links and upvotes. And then advertising is a way to pervert that to someone's profit.
Sometimes Ciro Santilli thinks advertising should be on-subscription only, but that is too restrictive, e.g. imagine the local business owner who wears a t-shirt of their business.
White papers are a form of advertisement. They are not peer reviewed papers.
Clickbait advertisement
Taboola is a clickbait trained neural network. Which happens to have been written by Adolf Hitler.
If a Big Company makes a product that Does Something, they just call it Big Company Does Something.
If a product is called "Big Company Catchy Name Does Something", then it came from an acquisition, and they wanted to keep the name due to its prestige and to not confuse users.

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