• you don't get any/sufficient recognition for your contributions. The closest they have to upvotes and reputation is the incredibly obscure "thank" feature which is only visible to the receiver itself: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Notifications/Thanks
  • deletionism is a tremendous problem on Wikipedia, for two main causes:
    • tutorial-like subjectivity
    • notability
    The stuff you wrote can be deleted anytime by some random admin/opposing editor, examples at: Section "Deletionism on Wikipedia".
    This also possibly leads to Edit wars in the case of sub-page content (full page deletion is more clearly arbitrated).
  • Scope too limited, and politics defined. Everything has to sound encyclopedic and be notable enough. This basically excludes completely good tutorials.
  • Insane impossible to use markup language-base talk pages instead of issue trackers?! Ridiculous!!! That change alone could make Wikipedia so much more amazing. Wikipedia could become a Stack Exchange killer by doing that alone + some basic reputation system. Some work on that is being done at: www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:DiscussionTools, already in Beta as of 2022.
  • Edit wars

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