This is quite in-depth, pretty good.
Unrelated to the Khan Academy.
Cute simple paper-cut stop motion animations videos by Mithuna Yoganathan, a PhD in theoretical physics at the University of Cambridge:
This has the seeds of direct good intuition, but often stops a bit too short. Worth a look though, there is value in them for beginners.
Maybe Spanish accent, but might also be from some other european language.
Very practical, low-cost experiments.
Falls a bit too much on the basic side of the the missing link between basic and advanced.
This is very promising.
TODO find teacher name, all seem to be made by the same cute dude from UCSB.
Does have some gems worth looking at. But generally always too superficial as can be expected from any self-sufficient YouTubber.
Video 1.
My Life Story by Veritasium (2018)
. Source. Basically a don't be a pussy story where he describes how he has always been passionate by both science and film making. Veritasium is a nice guy.

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