On one hand, yes, we need knowledge at all levels, and it is fine to start top-to-bottom with an overview.
The problem is, however, that there is a huge knowledge gap between the one liner "this is the truth" and the much more important "this is how we know it, these are the experiments" as mentioned at how to teach and learn physics.
Therefore, if you have that extremely rare knowledge, you should be writing that in addition to the dumbed down version with an open knowledge license. It takes time, but that's what really changes the world.
Ciro Santilli has always felt that there is a huge gap between "the very basic" and "the very advanced", as mentioned at: Section "The missing link between basic and advanced", which existing scientific vulgarization is not doing enough to address. In a sense, filling out this "middle path" is the main goal of OurBigBook.com.
Ciro really enjoyed the description of the "Arindam Kumar Chatterjee" youTube channel:
Theoretical/mathematical physics at the graduate level and above. This is NOT a popular science channel. Here you find real theoretical physicists doing real theoretical physics. We think it is important for people to get a taste of the real deal, and for aspiring theoretical physicists to see what they are working towards, i.e., to provide the public with something beyond the ubiquitous Michio Kaku and Brian Cox.
One thing must be said however: there seems to be an actual bias against researchers tho try to create vulgarization material: How To Get Tenure at a Major Research University by Sean Carroll (2011), and that is terrible.
There is often more value in a tutorial by a beginner who is trying to fully learn and explain a subject, than by an expert who is trying to "dumb it down" too much.
Video 1.
Pop Science And The Limitations Of Infotainment by Coffee Break (2019)
. Source.
Basically the Royal Society's scientific vulgarization cousin.
Maybe we need these people, maybe we do.
The problem as with many well known science communicators is that he falls too much on the basic side of the the missing link between basic and advanced.
Video 1.
Bill Nye isn't really a Scientist (& why that shouldn't matter) by BobbyBroccoli (2017)
. Source. Bobby's personal overview of Bill's carrier.
Ciro Santilli hates it when an expert does this!!!
If you estimate that the audience won't know the name of the concept, that's fine, do explain it as well.
But you must also give the name!!!
This also manifests itself when news outlets omit foreign names from healines, notably Chinese, but likely happens to all non-european languages too.
This is actually pretty good! Makes a small first step into The missing link between basic and advanced.
Unfortunatly does not use a free license for content.

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