Too many fun skit videos for Ciro Santilli's taste, but does have some serious derivations in quantum electrodynamics.
Covers some specific hardcore subjects, notably quantum electrodynamics, in full mathematical detail, e.g.: "Quantum Field Theory Lecture Series" playlist:
Unfortunately the channel is too obsessed with mathematical detail (which it does amazingly), and does not give enough examples/application/intuition, which is what would be useful to most people, thus falling too much on the hardcore side of the missing link between basic and advanced.
This channel does have on merit however: compared to other university courses, it is much more direct, which might mean that you get to something interesting before you got bored to death, Section "You can learn more from older students than from faculty" comes to mind.
Videos generally involves short talks + a detailed read-through of a pre-prepared PDF. Dietterich has refused however giving the PDF or LaTeX source as of 2020 on comments unfortunately... what a wasted opportunity for society. TODO find the comment. Sam, if you ever Google yourself to this page, let's make a collab on and fucking change education forever man.
Full name as shown in channel content: Samuel Dietterich. Other accounts:
Video 1.
The Ultimate Goal Of My YouTube Channel by Dietterich Labs (2020)
. Source. In this video Dietterich gives his ideal for the channel. Notably, he describes how the few experimental videos he has managed to make were done in a opportunistic way from experiments that were happening around him. This resonated with Ciro Santilli's ideas from videos of all key physics experiments.
Video 2.
Sam Dietterich interview by Dietterich Labs (2022)
. Source. TODO find patience to watch and summarize key points.
Those guys are really good, Ciro Santilli especially enjoyed their quantum mechanics playlist:
The quantum electrodynamics one was a bit too slow paced for Ciro unfortunately, too much groundwork and too little results.
Accompanying website with a tiny little bit of code:
TODO: authors and their affiliation.
Videos licensed as CC BY-SA, those guys are so good.
These videos can give some geometric insight and do have their value.
And when things get "mathy", it sticks to a more qualitative view which may not be enough.
Very over the top with sexy demons and angels making appearances, and has some classic aesthetic artistic value :-)
Publishes through the Fermilab YouTube channel under the playlist "Fermilab - Videos by Don Lincoln"
Some insights, but too much on the popular science side of things.

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