Companies have been really slow to support SVG features in their browsers, and that is very saddening:
You can't drop SVG support for canvas until there's a way to run untrusted JavaScript on the browser!
SVG does have some compatibility annoyances, notably SVG fonts. But we should as a society work to standardize and implement a fix those, the benefits of SVG are just too great!
This is a pain point as of SVG 1.1...
Examples at svg/background.html which answers from
This pain reflects directly on Inkscape: set SVG background color in Inkscape.
The major problem with SVG is text computer fonts. If you make an image with text that depends on one computer font and it is not present in the viewer's machine, it will use some other font, which may overlap with other elements of the image. Some libraries Matplotlib solve this by writing characters as curves, but this produces large files and unsearchable text. The inability of different computer platforms to standardize fonts that must always be present is a major issue.
Dropped in favor of SVG 2.