Another notable reference is in Lost Horse LLC, MacKenzie Bezos's charity instrument.
  • 塞翁 sai4 weng1: TODO his name?
  • 失马 shi1 ma3: lost horse
  • 焉知 yan1 zhi1: who knows, literary
  • 非福 fei1 fu2: bad (or) good
Video 1.
Zen master and the little boy scene from Charlie Wilson's War
. Source. This is how Ciro Santilli first heard the old man lost his horse! The scene happens after the Americans seem to have had sucess in arming the Taliban in the 1980s to fight the Soviets, and then they decide to stop all monetary help to rebuild the country, which then leads to a terrorism threat many years later.
Video 2.
The Blessing of Bad Luck by Pursuit of Wonder (2022)
. Source. A bit too long. But worth it.

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