The ruler of the 1950-2020 world by Dollar and nuke count.
Capable of evil like any other country, and somewhat merciless to its poor and overly egocentric, but not nearly as evil as any dictatorship.
Has the huge advantage of being one large country which speaks English.
Countries of the world have only two choices as of 2019: either rally behind the US and support democracy, or rally behind China and support dictatorship. The choice is up to you, voters. The more you deal with China, the more you lose your democracy and freedom. All dictatorships have no doubt that they must stick together.
And Americans, please stop that America Number 1 bullshit. Obviously everyone has to strive to be the best, so when you say it like that, it sounds like "even if at the expense of everyone else". The motto has to be "democracy number 1" or else you will scare off all allies. If all other countries sell out to China, you are fucked.
Video 1. Rifleman's Creed from Full Metal Jacket. Source. This is possibly where Ciro Santilli first came about this. But not sure, it was too long ago during good old University of São Paulo days.
Old name for DARPA before 1972, and again for a short time between 1993 and 1996. That's why ARPANET is called "ARPANET" and not "DARPANET".
On the coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco, closer to Los Angeles. Home of UCSB.

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