The basic experiment for a photonic quantum computer.
Can be achieved in two ways it seems:
Animation of Hong-Ou-Mandel Effect on a silicon like structure by Quantum Light University of Sheffield (2014): No maths, but gives the result clear: the photons are always on the same side.
Video 1.
Quantum Computing with Light by Quantum Light University of Sheffield (2015)
. Source. Animation of in-silicon single photon device with brief description of emitting and receiving elements. Mentions:
Video 2.
Quantum Optics - Beam splitter in quantum optics by Alain Aspect (2017)
. Source. More theoretical approach.
Video 3.
Building a Quantum Computer Out of Light by whentheappledrops (2014)
. Source. Yada yada yada, then at shows optical table and it starts being worth it. Jacques Carolan from the University of Bristol goes through their setup which injects 5 photons into a 21-way experiment.

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