The basic experiment for a photonic quantum computer.
Can be achieved in two ways it seems:
Animation of Hong-Ou-Mandel Effect on a silicon like structure by Quantum Light University of Sheffield (2014): No maths, but gives the result clear: the photons are always on the same side.
Video 1. Quantum Computing with Light by Quantum Light University of Sheffield (2015) Source. Animation of in-silicon single photon device with brief description of emitting and receiving elements. Mentions:
Video 2. Quantum Optics - Beam splitter in quantum optics by Alain Aspect (2017) Source. More theoretical approach.
Video 3. Building a Quantum Computer Out of Light by whentheappledrops (2014) Source. Yada yada yada, then at shows optical table and it starts being worth it. Jacques Carolan from the University of Bristol goes through their setup which injects 5 photons into a 21-way experiment.