Some less-trivial breakthroughs:
Grepping the 2013 DNS Census first by overused CGI comms subdomains secure. and ssl. leaves 200k lines. Grepping for the overused "news" led to hits:
Also tried but failed:
OK, after the initial successes in secure., we went a bit more data intensive:
New results: only one...
After 2013 DNS Census virtual host cleanup heuristic keyword searches we later understood why there were so few hits here: the 2013 DNS Census didn't capture the secure. subdomains of many domains it had for some reason. Shame, because if it had, this method would have yielded many more results.
Figure 1.
You can never have enough Wayback Machine tabs open
Starting at, Russian expat Oleg Shakirov comments "Let me know if you are still looking for the Carson website".
He then proceeded to give Carson and 5 other domains in private communication. His name is given here with his consent. His advances besides not being blind were Yandexing for some of the known hits which led to pages that contained other hits:
  • contains a copy of, and both are present at, an SEO tracker, because both have backlinks to, which is apparently a niche fantasy football website
  • 4 previously unknown hits from: "Mass Deface III" pastebin. He missed one which Ciro then found after inspecting all URLs on Wayback Machine, so leading to a total of 5 new hits from that source.
Unfortunately, these methods are not very generalizable, and didn't lead to a large number of other hits. But every domain counts!
Edit: Carson was found Oleg Shakirov's findingsby Oleg Shakirov:, communicated at:, earliest archive from 2004 (!):, The domain was hidden in plain sight, it was present in a not very visible watermark visible in the Reuters article screenshot! The watermark was added to the CIA to the background image, it is actually present on the website. In retrospect, it was actually present at on the expired domain trackers dataset, but the mega discrete all second word made Ciro Santilli miss it:
What follows is the previous
The fact that the Reuters article has a screenshot of it, and therefore a Wayback Machine link, plus the specificity of the website topic, will likely keep Ciro awake at night for a while until someone finds that domain.
Some text visible on the Reuters screenshot:
  • Johnny Carson and The Tonight Show
  • Your Favorite Host and Comedic Genius
  • Submit Your Favorite Carson Moment
  • Heeere's Johnny!
    Holy crap, the "Here's Johnny" line from The Shining (1980) is a reference to Johnny Carson:,, Ciro never knew that... but every American would have understood it at the time.
It is unclear however if this text is plaintext or part of a an image.
Some failed attempts, either dry guesses or from DNS grepping dataset searches:
Searching the Wayback Machine proved fruitless. There is no full text search: Wayback Machine full text search, and a heuristic*/Johnny%20Carson search has relevant hits but not the one we want.
Another attempt was to search for "carson" on which lists expired domains in bulk by expiration day, and it search engine friendly. It contains most of the domains we've found so far. Google either doesn't support partial word search or requires you to be a God to find itso we settle for DuckDuckGo which supports it: Adding years also helps: with this we might be getting all possible results. Ciro went through all in 2011, 2012 and 2013 but no luck. Also fuck,_Nevada and,_California :-)
Let's search for "carson" contained in any historic domain name. 10,001 lines. Grepping those, no good Wayback machine hits for those that also contain "johnny" or "show". Data at: in case anyone want to try and dig...
Let's also search the fortuitously timed 2013 DNS Census.

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