Figure 1. .
The Star Wars one. Clearly branded websites like this are rare, which makes finding them all the much more fun. The Reuters article had two of them (Carson and, so these were probably manually selected from the full hit dataset, and did not serve specifically as entry points. Most of the websites are quite boring and forgetful as you'd expect.
The subtitle "Beyond The Unknown" may be a reference to the Unknown Regions in the Star Wars fictional universe.
Figure 2. . The third Iranian football on top of the two other published by Reuters: and! Admittedly, this one is the most generic and less well designed one. But still. They pushed the theme too far!
Figure 3. .
The German one.
The CIA has had a few Germany espionage scandals in the 2010s:
Figure 4. . A French one. Because it mentions VTT (Mountain Biking in French), it must focus France.
Figure 5. . An Italian one about extreme sports.
Figure 7. . The Korean one. Love the kawaii style!
Figure 9. . The Philippine one one.
Figure 10. . The Mexican one.
Figure 12. . One of the many golf-themed sites. Golf appears to be quite popular over in Langley. It's exactly what you'd expect for a mid-level spook to do in their free time!

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