2021-01-28: used this show for the first time after wearing dhb Dorica MTB Shoe (2020-12) exclusively for a while. It felt much much more comfortable, the Dorica is too narrow. Also this one is much more recessed, and walking with it is much easier. Also, I notice that the intentional asymmetry I had put on cleats is not necessary anymore now that my saddle height is not way too high
It is not possible to do long walks with this, unlike some websites suggests, especially on hard surfaces like rock, that would be very dangerous because the cleat area will slip. But it is good for shorter walks on grass/mud, and that does open up some good short walk exploration possibilities compared to a road shoe.
Color "Black/Red 20" (but it's actually orange), size 46 www.wiggle.co.uk/giro-rumble-vr-off-road-shoe (archive). Manual says to use Loctite 243 medium strength, first 2.4 Nm bolt torque to test it out and find good position, and then final bolt torque 5-6 Nm unless cleat says less. Starting with Shimano SM-SH56 cleats (archive), which also says provisional torque 2.5 Nm, tightening torque 5-6 Nm.

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