2024-05: going to try www.sealskinz.com/products/water-repellent-all-weather-glove Sealskinz Tasburgh Water Repellent All Weather Glove black large because Extremities XDRY has a hole on right thumb due to gear shifting. This glove is very similar to the Nike academy hyperwam, not really a winter glove feels like. Weird branding...
2023-11: Endura Windchill Bibtights XL - Black: www.endurasport.com/windchill-bibtights-black/12926004.html because knees of dhb one open. I'm an idiot for getting XL... it's just that L felt too short on the top. But ultimately XL was too baggy, this became quite apparent on first usage, L would likely have been better, just would have needed to pull it a bit more. Quality is very good, very water repellent, kept me warm on 2C under very light rain. Also tried www.endurasport.com/xtract-bibtight-black/12926142.html but the sizing was completely different. L on that one as obviously too large, M felt correct.
2023-07: lost my waterproof cap, not cycling specialized, but was useful. Was by itself in crappy backpocket of cheap muddy fox jersey, lots of wind, some fence jumping... Hadn't noted know the brand/model... sad. Let's try Castelli A/C 2 Cycling Cap? www.castelli-cycling.com/US/en/Men/Collection/Hot-Weather-Kit/A-C-2-CYCLING-CAP/p/4523032_008 Single size. Slightly small, but hard to be sure.
2023-07: www.dhbsport.com/products/aeron-short-sleeve-jersey-2-0 dhb Aeron Short Sleeve Jersey 2.0 Colour Ink Blue Size (Standard) L. To prevent crap from falling again hopefully. Felt too small. Material: 100% polyester, inserts, 64% polyester, 6% elastane. Compared to the non 2.0 which I have, the material feels more glossy/slippery. Slightly weird.
2022-05: buying another "dhb Lightweight Mesh Long Sleeve Base Layer", small www.wiggle.com/p/dhb-lightweight-mesh-long-sleeve-base-layer. I notice that it is actually a bit not long enough. Doesn't make a huge difference, but maybe medium or large next time.
2022-12 Rohan Polar Gloves, black, large, 45 pounds. Shell: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane. Insulation: 100% polyester. 100g insulation on back of the hand. www.rohan.co.uk/mens/accessories-polar-gloves Let's see how they perform after hands were very cold on a bike ride with the Extremities XDRY.
2022-08 dhb Aeron Short Finger Gel Gloves 2.0 medium white www.wiggle.co.uk/dhb-aeron-short-finger-gel-gloves-20. For sun/fall protection. In theory should be small according to size guide, but small was over, and I have my doubts it is correct.
2021-12: bought a North Face etip recycled gloves black with white signs, large about 40 dollars: www.thenorthface.co.uk/shop/en-gb/tnf-gb/mens-etip-gloves-4sha?variationId=KY4 let's see how that goes.
  • dhb Windproof Cycling Gloves Small Black 33 dollars to replace the Nike academy hyperwam gloves which I lost a pair of recently. It already had a hole in the thumb anyways from shifting the small gears all the time. S was way too small despite me making hand measurement, returned.
  • dhb C1.0 Crossover Helmet Matte Black 58-61cm 40 dollars after recent crash to ensure helmet integrity
2021-06: Castelli UPF 50+ Light Arm Sleeves (Skins) Large White, 29 pounds www.castelli-cycling.com/bg/upf-50-+-light-arm-sleeves/p/451603621P-001. Felt really good. Really does not trap much heat, and completely blocks off sun. It makes you develop a small layer of sweat that keeps you cool, cooler than without the sleeves.
2021-02 Castelli PRO THERMAL SKULLY red www.wiggle.co.uk/castelli-pro-thermal-skully www.castelli-cycling.com/gb/pro-thermal-skully/p/452054220A to help with cold, the X Lite Run Black Headband is just not made for winter.
2021-01: Madison Cycle Everywear Sportive Toe covers. L/XL. www.madison.cc/shop/sportive-thermal-toe-covers/VARCLA121/CLA12104
2021-01: "Endura FS260-NEMO Glove II" Neoprene Winter Handwarmer Large. www.endurasport.com/Gants-Nemo-FS260-Pro-II/p/E1216-Black Let's see how neoprene feels like. Basically it becomes wet with your transpiration, but is still relatively warm, would take it well down to 5C. Likely would work well with heavy rain. Not bad. But does feel a bit cooler than the Extremities XDRY, especially after you walk for a bit, and your hand becomes cold, and it is very hard to warm it because it is also wet.
2020-12-21: "dhb Neoprene Nylon Overshoes" www.wiggle.co.uk/dhb-neoprene-nylon-overshoes large black. After 2 rides, noticed that the front lower part of left foot (the one I put on and off the most) had a hole in it, not sure where it was made. Edit: I later noticed that it is because I have the reflex of braking slightly with my shoes in certain conditions, e.g. at lower speeds in close proximity to pedestrians, the sounds of which also serve as a way to alert them without the need for a loud bell. But it destroys the overshoe, so I have to undo that reflex.
2020-11-06 www.alpinetrek.co.uk/castelli-perfetto-ros-long-sleeve-cycling-jersey/ "Castelli Perfetto RoS Long Sleeve - Cycling jersey" size L Large. On Wiggle: www.wiggle.co.uk/castelli-perfetto-ros-long-sleeve-jersey Feels great. Together with the dhb Merino Long Sleeve Base Layer, I can gown down to 0 Celcius, no problem, and up to 14 with the "Mesh Long Sleeve Base Layer". Breathes great, blocks wind and rain reasonably, and can holds mild rain out on a short 1.5h ride without problem. I used this so much it is unbelievable.
  • last ride top was a bit cold on shoulders where not covered by arm warmers, about 10C, so going to try: www.wiggle.co.uk/dhb-aeron-rain-defence-polartec-jacket-1 "dhb Aeron All Winter Softshell Jacket", 109.25 pounds, Fluro Yellow, small to match previous tops that worked, approx: 50 polyester, 40 polyamide, 10 elastane, recommended temperature: 2-12 degrees Celcius. Material felt OK, not amazing but OK. Returned because a bit too small.
  • the "dhb Classic Thermal Bib Tights" is a bit too warm for lower tens, so going to try "dhb Aeron FLT Roubaix Bib Tight", 85.50 pounds, medium, navy color, recommended temperatures: 6-14 deg C, 84% polyamide, 16% elastane. Hopefully not being marked as "thermal" means it is less warm. Also hopefully being DHB Aeron it will be a bit less baggy behind knees. Returned later because felt indistinguishable from the "dhb Classic Thermal Bib Tights".
For sizing see also: Ciro Santilli's body.
2020-11: Castelli Thermoflex 2 Arm Warmers, Large, 28 pounds: www.wiggle.co.uk/castelli-thermoflex-2-arm-warmers | www.castelli-cycling.com/gb/men/accessories/cycling-leg-and-arm-warmers/p/451953020A-010 advertized 8°-20°C. Was going to buy the DHB ones for 10 pounds less, but always out of so Castelli it is.
2020-08: started getting getting cold, so let's do it:
2020-05 www.wiggle.co.uk/dhb-aeron-short-sleeve-jersey-4/ dhb Aeron Short Sleeve Jersey 100% polyester, Red Large. This one fit OK. Length feels right. When on cycling position, a bit baggy under arms though, but guessing M would be too short? Still already feels less baggy than the cheap muddy fox jersey. Aeron is the second lowest level of DHB top, after the super basic 25 pound one. Material is thin polyester, could be better, but OK.
2020-05 www.wiggle.co.uk/castelli-perfetto-light-2-short-sleeve-jersey/ Castelli Perfetto Light 2 Short Sleeve Jersey 84% Nylon, 16% Lycra. When it arrived, was WAY too small, so returned. Material looked and felt amazing.
2019-12 www.wiggle.co.uk/dhb-merino-long-sleeve-base-layer-1/?sku=5360752872 "dhb Merino Long Sleeve Base Layer", black, small, was right size, wool is a bit itchy, but does feel like it dries off more quickly on long rides than the cheap Muddy Fox polyester cycling Jersey. Pretty warm, too much for 15C.
2019-12 www.wiggle.co.uk/dhb-aeron-winter-weight-merino-sock/?sku=100335580 dhb Aeron Winter Weight Merino Sock, blue, UK 9.5-12. Did not seem to make much of a difference, feet still cold, not wet.
2019-11 Nike academy hyperwarm gloves: www.nike.com/gb/t/hyperwarm-academy-football-gloves-s9Dd8D/GS0373-013 (archive) for 17.99 Pounds from physical retailer. Good intermediate between the Extremities gloves when it gets a bit warmer. 60% polyester/27% nylon/5% rubber/4% elastane.
2019-10 XGC Men's Cycling Shorts/Bike Shorts And Cycling Underwear With High-Density High-Elasticity And Highly Breathable 4D Sponge Padded www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07BDJP64W (archive). Grey color, red inner butt padding. 2020-08: after using it a lot, noticed that the padding stiches started to come off a bit.
2018 (?) Extremities XDRY gloves Looks like: www.sportsdirect.com/extremities-wp-p/line-glove-91-907293 (archive) Gets wet after a few minutes of medium rain. But does dry quickly. Baggy, multilayer. Says 40 pounds, but always at 20 pound discount, so it is just a marketing trick. On website: Outershell 96% Polyester/4% Lycra (Spandex)Palm 45% Polyester/55% PolyurethaneLining 100% Polyester
2017-09 Trespass Cruzado Male Gloves size S. www.trespass.com/cruzado-unisex-gloves (archive) Markings: crossover gloves. Technical Performance TP75: www.trespass.com/advice/trespass-tp-ratings-guide/ Lost right hand around 2018/2019.
2017 Muddy fox cycling Jersey, orange, polyester, Large, cheap. Works well enough I guess. Could be a bit more tight fitting.
2017 www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254646634761 Karrimor X Lite Run Black Headband. I think I lost it 2022-04, already had a hole in one ear.
2015 UNIQLO tights 53% cotton, 32% polyester, 15% elastane. 2020-08: after riding it a lot, it ripped a bit near upper inner tights.
2015 Odlo top and tights, polyester. Not sure exact model, not necessarily meant for cycling. Top does not fit tightly, did not feel like it was removing sweat effectively.
In degrees Celsius:
  • 25+
    • palm tree shade and coconut water. Seriously though, if there's some shade or earlier morning/later afternoon it's OK, but if it's on an open road at midday, be careful, and stop early if you start getting slightly dizzy, it only gets worse!
  • 18-25
  • 15-18:
  • 10-15:
    • dhb Classic Thermal Bib Tights 10 and under. TODO this is a bit too warm for the upper range, need something more intermediate
    • "dhb Lightweight Mesh Long Sleeve Base Layer"
    • Castelli Perfetto RoS Long Sleeve - Cycling jersey. TODO this is a bit too warm for the upper range, need something more intermediate
    • "Karrimor X Lite Run Black Headband"
    • "Nike academy hyperwarm gloves"
    • "Nevica Skuff". A bit too hot on upper range, but easy to take off.
  • 0-10:
    • dhb Merino Long Sleeve Base Layer
    • Castelli Perfetto RoS Long Sleeve - Cycling jersey
    • dhb Classic Thermal Bib Tights 10 and under
    • dhb Dorica MTB Shoe (2020-12)
    • "Karrimor X Lite Run Black Headband". Head a bit cold on lower range.
    • "dhb Neoprene Nylon Overshoes". Feet a bit cold on lower range.
    • "Extremities XDRY gloves". Hands a bit cold on lower range.
    • "Nevica Skuff"
Black EUR 44, 1 smaller than normal size as recommended by website.
Bought SM-SH56 cleat to accompany.
When it arrived, it felt a bit too long, around 2cm maybe free space after toe, and when I walk and the front part touches ground, heel comes off a bit, which is annoying. But I was too lazy to give it back and take the risk of a second try, also it felt correctly tight on sides. During first test ride it felt good.
It is slightly water proof. But if it rains a lot, it will get soaking wet. And once it does get wet, it feels like it is very very hard to dry, there don't seem to be any holes underneath.
2021-01-28: used this show for the first time after wearing dhb Dorica MTB Shoe (2020-12) exclusively for a while. It felt much much more comfortable, the Dorica is too narrow. Also this one is much more recessed, and walking with it is much easier. Also, I notice that the intentional asymmetry I had put on cleats is not necessary anymore now that my saddle height is not way too high
It is not possible to do long walks with this, unlike some websites suggests, especially on hard surfaces like rock, that would be very dangerous because the cleat area will slip. But it is good for shorter walks on grass/mud, and that does open up some good short walk exploration possibilities compared to a road shoe.
Color "Black/Red 20" (but it's actually orange), size 46 www.wiggle.co.uk/giro-rumble-vr-off-road-shoe (archive). Manual says to use Loctite 243 medium strength, first 2.4 Nm bolt torque to test it out and find good position, and then final bolt torque 5-6 Nm unless cleat says less. Starting with Shimano SM-SH56 cleats (archive), which also says provisional torque 2.5 Nm, tightening torque 5-6 Nm.

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