This doesn't do a hole lot. Ciro Santilli wouldn't really call it a web framework. It's more like a middleware. Real web frameworks are built on top of it.
Examples under: nodejs/express:
  • nodejs/express/min.js: minimal example. Visit localhost:3000 and it shows hello world. It is a bit wrong because the headers say HTML but we return plaintext.
  • nodejs/express/index.js: example dump with automated tests where possible. The automated tests are run at startup after the server launches. Then the server keeps running so you can interact with it.
A live example on Heroku can be seen at:
gothinkster/realworld implementations based on Express.js.
Seemed to just work at 68bbadfd77f679f0df0fcd0de5bceb9c37b1144a Ubuntu 20.10, was forked from parent project in 2018.
Very raw. Easy to understand. Relatively well organiezd. But also very buggy at 3ab8d9f849a1cdf2985a8d123b1893f0fd4e79ab:, I just can't trust it. There must be several helper libraries that would greatly DRY up the repetitive CRUD. Ciro hates the style :-) 4 space indents, no space after commas, no semicolon. Not based on which is essentially one of the reference implementations, so from scratch apparently, which is a bad sign.