Some usage examples under: Section "Sequelize example".
As of 2021, this library is extremely painful to use. It does feel semi-mature, but there are just too much horrible things going on;
Some glaring issues are listed at the horrors of Sequelize.
To run examples on a specific database:
  • ./index.js or ./index.js l: SQLite
  • ./index.js p: PostgreSQL. You must manually create a database called tmp and ensure that peer authentication works for it
All examples can be tested on all databases with:
cd sequelize
Overview of the examples:
Exampes under nodejs/sequelize/raw:
This example is the same as nodejs/sequelize/raw/parallel_select_and_update.js, but going through Sequelize rather than with Sequelize raw queries. NONE is not supported for now to not have a transaction at all because lazy.
Sample invocation:
node --unhandled-rejections=strict ./parallel_select_and_update.js p 10 100 READ_COMMITTED UPDATE
Other examples:
  • node --unhandled-rejections=strict ./parallel_select_and_update.js p 10 100 READ_COMMITTED UPDATE
Then, the outcome is exactly as described at: nodejs/sequelize/raw/parallel_select_and_update.js:
Transaction retries are inevitable, as some sQL isolation levels

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