Formulated as a quantum field theory.
Video 1.
Quarks, Gluon flux tubes, Strong Nuclear Force, & Quantum Chromodynamics by Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky (2018)
. Source. Some decent visualizations of how the field lines don't expand out like they do in electromagnetism, suggesting color confinement.
Video 2.
PHYS 485 Lecture 6: Feynman Diagrams by Roger Moore (2016)
. Source. Despite the title, this is mostly about QCD.
TODO experimental discovery.
Force carrier of quantum chromodynamics, like the photon is the force carrier of quantum electrodynamics.
One big difference is that it carrier itself color charge.
Can be thought as being produced from gluon-gluon lines of the Feynman diagrams of quantum chromodynamics. This is in contrast to quantum electrodynamics, in which there are no photon-photon vertices, because the photon does not have charge unlike gluons.
This phenomena makes the strong force be very very different from electromagnetism.

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