This book really tries to recall basic things to ensure that the reader will be able to understand the more advanced ones.
Sometimes it goes a little bit overboard, like defining what a function does several times.
But Ciro Santilli really prefers it when authors error on the side of obvious.
People are mostly saying you have to be a more of a genius amateur to read it.
ISBN-13: 978-0691140346
lecture 1 mentions that this book is quick and dirty, as one might guess from the title. Ciro Santilli thinks he's gonna like this one.
First edition: from 2003,, ISBN-13: 978-0691010199.
This didn't really deliver. It does start from the basics, but it is often hard to link those basics to more interesting or deeper points. Also like many other Quantum field theory book, it does not seem to contain a single comparison between a theoretical result and an experiment.
This is very widely used in courses as of 2020, it became kind of the default book.
Unfortunately, this approach bores Ciro Santilli to death. Or perhaps is too just advanced for him to appreciate. Either of those.
800+ pages.

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