As of 2021, Ciro Santilli feels strongly that Amazon originals are so much sillier compared to Netflix ones in average.
Of course, everything pales in comparison to The Criterion Collection.
Jeff has spoken a lot in public about Amazon, perhaps even more than other comparable founder, see e.g. history of Amazon. Kudos for that.
Video 1. Has the laugh of Jeff Bezos changed as he got rich? by Barış Aktaş (2020) Source.
Her neck is huge! She also redid her teeth at some point apparently. Some good photos at:
MacKenzie Bezos' new husband after she divorced Bezos.
Science teacher at the Lakeside School in Seattle.
MacKenzie Bezos went on to marry a science teacher who taught their children.
The contrast with Bezos's girlfriend is simply comical. MacKenzie married the idealistic morally upright science teacher, while Bezos went for a silly sex bomb. Ah, bruta flor, do querer!
MacKenzie Bezos's charity instrument. MacKenzie Scott: How the former Mrs Bezos became a philanthropist like no other (2020) has some good mentions:
But as Scott's fame for giving away money has grown, so too has the deluge of appeals for gifts from strangers and old friends alike. That clamour may have driven Scott's already discreet operation further underground, with recent philanthropic announcements akin to sudden lightning bolts for unsuspecting recipients.
The name of the organization is a reference to the old man lost his horse.
I wonder where the spray painted sign went: As mentioned at and elsewhere, Jeff did all he could to save money, e.g. he made the desks himself from pieces of wood. Mentioned e.g. at from Video 4. "Jeff Bezos presentation at MIT (2002)".
Video 1. report by Computer Chronicles (1996) Source. Contains some good footage of their early storehouse.
Video 2. Jeff Bezos interview by Chuck Films (1997) Source. On the street, with a lot of car noise. CC BY-SA, nice.
Video 3. Order from Bulgaria by Jeff Bezos (2002) Source. Full video: Video 4. "Jeff Bezos presentation at MIT (2002)"
Video 4. Jeff Bezos presentation at MIT (2002) Source. Good talk:
Video 5. Jeff Bezos Revealed by Bloomberg (2015) Source.
Video 6. cosine by Jeff Bezos (2018) Source.
PDE mention in another video from 2009:
Full original video from The Economic Club of Washington, D.C. (2018):
Bezos also told PDE stuff in interviews as early as 1999:
  • This is what it was like to work at Amazon 20 years ago (2015). Good annecdotes from the first offices.
Apparently posted to Usenet newsgroup?
Jeff's email was at the time.
First Amazon hire, wrote and led the team that wrote v1.
He looks like an older and more experienced dude compared to Bezos at the time.
Bibliography: . also mentions that unlike California, there's no sales tax in the state of Washington, which is important for selling books.
Video 1. Shel Kaphan interview by Internet History Podcast (2015) Source.
Video 2. Continues to Grow by NBC 15 (2014) Source. Features short excerpt of filmed interview with Shel.
Figure 1. Shel Kaphan. Source. TODO year. Presumably more or less close to publishing date of source at 2020.
Amazon is apparently notorious for having bought off many competitors, many of them just to kill off the competition and clear the way, not to actually reuse them. from Video "Jeff Bezos Revealed by Bloomberg (2015)" clearly shows Tim O'Reilly saying that very clearly about Bezos.
I do know of a number of cases in which he [Bezos] has acquired companies in order to take out competitors, potential future competitors. Rather than because he actually wants that business to continue.
Perhaps O'Reilly who is the bookselling business is not the greatest fan of Jeff. But still. My God. Amazon's Antitrust Paradox by Lina M . Khan from The Yale Law Journal raises this incredible issue.
Like Google custom silicon, Amazon server operations are so large that with the slowdown of Moore's law, it started being worth it for them to develop custom in-house silicon to serve as a competitive advantage, not to be sold for external companies. Can you imagine the scale required to justify silicon development investment that is not sold externally!
Page contains a good summary of their hardware to date. They seem to still be the centerpiece of silicon development. There are still however people outside of Israel doing it, e.g.: says as of 2021:
My team develops software for our next-generation Machine Learning accelerators: HAL, firmware, and SoC models.
2021: networking chip reports emerge:, presumably contesting with the likes of Cisco?
ARM-based servers.