The only reason why Ruby exists.
This web framework is pretty good as of 2020 compared to others, because it managed to gain a critical community size, and there's a lot of basic setup already done for you.
it is just big shame it wasn't written in Python or even better, Node.js, because learning Ruby is completely useless for anything else. As of 2020 for example, most Node.js web frameworks feel like crap compared to Rails, you just have to debug so much there.
Used in GitLab, which is why Ciro Santilli touched it.
Integrations React integration:
Uses Redux, while reactjs/react-rails appears to do that more manually
Live instance: with source at: Not the most advanced web-app (a gothinkster/realworld-level would be ideal). Also has clear dependency description, which is nice.
Oh, and the guy behind that project lives in Hawaii (Ciro Santilli's ideal city to live in), has an Asian-mixed son, and two Kinesis Advantage 2 keyboards as seen at, Ciro Santilli was jealous of him.