Video 1. Simulation of the time-dependent Schrodinger equation (JavaScript Animation) by Coding Physics (2019) Source.
Source code: One dimensional potentials, non-interacting particles. The code is clean, graphics based on, and all maths from scratch. Source organization and comments are typical of numerical code, the anonymous author is was likely a Fortran user in the past.
A potential change patch in sketch.js:
-   potential:     x => 2E+4*Math.pow((4*x - 1)*(4*x - 3),2),
+ potential:     x => 4*Math.pow(x - 0.5, 2),
Video 2. Quantum Mechanics 5b - Schrödinger Equation II by ViaScience (2013) Source. 2D non-interacting particle in a box, description says using Scilab and points to source. Has a double slit simulation.
Video 3. Visualization of Quantum Physics (Quantum Mechanics) by udiprod (2017) Source. Closed source, but a fantastic visualization and explanation of a 1D free wave packet, including how measurement snaps position to the measured range, position and momentum space and the uncertainty principle.