As of 2021, their location is a small business park in Haywards Heath, about 15 minutes north of Brighton[ref]
Funding rounds:
Homepage says only needs cooling to 70 K. So it doesn't work with liquid nitrogen which is 77 K?
Homepage points to foundational paper:
Video 1. Universal Quantum emerges out of stealth by University of Sussex (2020) Source. Explains that a more "traditional" trapped ion quantum computer would user "pairs of lasers", which would require a lot of lasers. Their approach is to try and do it by applying voltages to a microchip instead.
Video 2. Quantum Computing webinar with Sebastian Weidt by Green Lemon Company (2020) Source. The sound quality is to bad to stop and listen to, but it presumaby shows the coding office in the background.
Video 3. Fireside Chat with with Sebastian Weidt by Startup Grind Brighton (2022) Source. Very basic target audience: