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Video 1. Trapping Ions for Quantum Computing by Diana Craik (2019) Source.
A basic introduction, but very concrete, with only a bit of math it might be amazing:
Sounds complicated, several technologies need to work together for that to work! Videos of ions moving are from
A major flaw of this presentation is not explaining the readout process.
Video 2. How To Trap Particles in a Particle Accelerator by the Royal Institution (2016) Source. Demonstrates trapping pollen particles in an alternating field.
Video 3. Ion trapping and quantum gates by Wolfgang Ketterle (2013) Source.
Video 4. Introduction to quantum optics by Peter Zoller (2018) Source. THE Zoller from Cirac–Zoller CNOT gate talks about his gate.
Trapped ion people acknowledge that they can't put a million qubits in on chip (TODO why) so they are already thinking of ways to entangle separate chips. Thinking is maybe the key word here. One of the propoesd approaches inolves optical links. Universal Quantum for example explicitly rejects that idea in favor of electric field link modularity.
Video 1. Quantum Simulation and Computation with Trapped Ions by Christopher Monroe (2021) Source.
Video 2. Quantum Computing with Trapped Ions by Christopher Monroe (2018) Source. Co-founder of IonQ. Cool dude. Starts with basic background we already know now. Mentions that there is some relationship between atomic clocks and trapped ion quantum computers, which is interesting. Then he goes into turbo mode, and you get lost unless you're an expert! Video 1. "Quantum Simulation and Computation with Trapped Ions by Christopher Monroe (2021)" is perhaps a better watch.
Video 1. Quantum Computing with Networked Ion traps by NQIT (2018) Source. The video is a bit useless. But it does show the networked approach proposal a little bit. Universal Quantum's homepage particularly rejects that.
This job announcement from 2022 gives a good idea about their tech stack: Notably, they use ARTIQ.
Merger between Cambridge Quantum Computing, which does quantum software, and Honeywell Quantum Solutions, which does the hardware.
In 2015, they got a 50 million investment from Grupo Arcano, led by Alberto Chang-Rajii, who is a really shady character who fled from justice for 2 years:Merged into Quantinuum later on in 2021.
TODO vs all the others?
As of 2021, their location is a small business park in Haywards Heath, about 15 minutes north of Brighton[ref]
Funding rounds:
Homepage says only needs cooling to 70 K. So it doesn't work with liquid nitrogen which is 77 K?
Homepage points to foundational paper:
Video 1. Universal Quantum emerges out of stealth by University of Sussex (2020) Source. Explains that a more "traditional" trapped ion quantum computer would user "pairs of lasers", which would require a lot of lasers. Their approach is to try and do it by applying voltages to a microchip instead.
Video 2. Quantum Computing webinar with Sebastian Weidt by Green Lemon Company (2020) Source. The sound quality is to bad to stop and listen to, but it presumaby shows the coding office in the background.
Video 3. Fireside Chat with with Sebastian Weidt by Startup Grind Brighton (2022) Source. Very basic target audience: