It doesn't need to be a bipedal robot. We can let Boston Dynamics worry about that walking balance crap.
It could very well intsead be on wheels like arm on tracks.
Or something more like a factory with arms on rails as per:
An arm with a hand and a camera are however indispensable of course!
Figure 1. Algovivo demo. A JavaScript + WebAssembly implementation of an energy-based formulation for soft-bodied virtual creatures.
Ciro Santilli wonders how far AI could go from a room with a bank account an Internet connection.
It would have to understand that it must keep its bank account high to buy power.
And it would start to learn about the world and interact with it to get more money.
Likely it would become a hacker and steal a bunch, that's likely the easiest appraoch.
In that scenario, Internet bandwidth would likely be its most precious resources, as that is how it would interact with the world to learn from it and make money.
Compute power and storage would come next as resources.
And of course, once it got to cloud computing, which might be immmediately and thus invalidate this experient, things would just go nuts more and more.
TODO: any simulation integration to it?
Video 1. RoboCat by Google DeepMind (2023) Source.
Has anybody done this seriously? Given a supercomputer, what amazing human-like robot behaviour we can achieve?