Just like the adenine nucleotide translocator moves ATP/ADP in and out, this one moves loose phosphate in.
Both of those together recycle the cellular respiration carriers from/to the mitochondria.
A single transmembrane protein that moves ATP out and ADP in of the mitochondrion. So crucial.
Present in chormosome 4.
Video 1. Energized about the Mechanism of ADP/ATP Transport by Ruprecht et al. (2019) Source.
Good video showing what appears to be the adenine nucleotide translocator. although they don't use that name, instead saying ADP/ATP carrier.
The video also briefly depicts the ATP synthase and the mitochondrial phosphate carrier protein.
Happens in the matrix of the mitochondrion in eukaryotes.
The fact that ATP is the universal energy storage mollecule of all life on Earth is such an incredible unifying principle of biology!
It is the direct output of all the major forms of "energy generation" in cells: ATP synthesis mechanism.
It is just as fundamental as the genetic code for example.
No wonder dozens of Nobel Prizes were related to its discovery, given its complexity.
ATP is the direct output of all the major forms of "energy generation" in cells:
One of the most beautiful molecular machines known!
The first one with such complexity that was uncovered.
The thing rotates like a water wheel for God's sake, except it uses protons instead of water.
The ATP synthase complex is so large that Power, Sex, Suicide by Nick Lane (2006) page 123 contains a cryoEM image of several ATP synthases on small membrane vesicles, this is the paper: pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/bi00437a031# under a fucking paywall.
Video 1. ATP synthase in action by HarvardX (2017) Source.