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Understand and explain amazingly every single Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry and biology. Since in particular the Nobel Foundation is unable to do that for any at all, especially of the key old ones, e.g. www.nobelprize.org/prizes/physics/1965/summary/. Hopeless.
To be fair, those in theoretical physics at least basically come down to reading a bunch of books. But perhaps anything slightly more experimental could have
Cryogenic electron microscopy, which was developped in the 70's.
This could have been a Nobel Prize in Physics as well!
For the discovery of green fluorescent protein.
To Peter D. Mitchell for the discovery of the mechanism of ATP synthesis in the mitochondria, a central part of cellular respiration.
It is quite amusing that the starting point to identifying the heat one was capsaicin, as it stimulates the exact same receptor!!!
This one took a while! Major developments were from the 70s! Perhaps it took the Internet revolution to make its importance clear.
This was so hot (no pun intended) and reproducible that the prize was awarded one year after discovery. Quite rare in those days already.
To Brian Josephson for the prediction of the Josephson effect.
Not only did this open the way for X-ray crystallography, it more fundamentally clarified the nature of X-rays as being electromagnetic radiation, and helped further establish the atomic theory.

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