Electronic Ink such as that found on Amazon Kindle is the greatest invention ever made by man.
Once E Ink reaches reasonable refresh rates to replace liquid crystal displays, the world will finally be saved.
It would allow Ciro Santilli to spend his entire life in front of a screen rather in the real world without getting tired eyes, and even if it is sunny outside.
Ciro stopped reading non-code non-news a while back though, so the current refresh rates are useless, what a shame.
OMG, this is amazing: getfreewrite.com/
PDF table of contents feature requests: twitter.com/cirosantilli/status/1459844683925008385
Remarkable 2 is really, really good. Relatively fast refresh + touchscreen is amazing.
PDF table of contents could be better: twitter.com/cirosantilli/status/1459844683925008385
Display size: 10.3 inches. Perfect size

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