The brain of a human.
Ciro Santilli feels it is not for his generation though, and that is one of the philosophical things that saddens him the most in this world.
On the other hand, Ciro's playing with the Linux kernel and other complex software which no single human can every fully understand cheer him up a bit. But still, the high level view, that we can have...
Figure 1. Source.
  • 1: Ventriculus lateralis, Cornu frontale
  • 2: Ventriculus lateralis, Pars centralis
  • 3: Calcar avis
  • 4: Ventriculus lateralis, Cornu occipitale
  • 5: Trigonum collaterale
  • 6: Eminentia collateralis
  • 7: Hippocampus
  • 8: Ventriculus lateralis, Cornu temporale
  • 9: Capsula interna
  • 10: Nucleus caudatus
By cranks:
Figure 1. External 3D view of the Brodmann areas. Source.
Almost since it began, however, the HBP has drawn criticism. The project did not achieve its goal of simulating the whole human brain — an aim that many scientists regarded as far-fetched in the first place. It changed direction several times, and its scientific output became “fragmented and mosaic-like”, says HBP member Yves Frégnac
They overreached it seems.