This idealization does not seems to be possible at all in the context of Maxwell's equations with pointlike particles.
Video 1. Simulation on the GPU by Ten Minute Physics (2022) Source. The author is a big PhysX guy.
Figure 1. gnuplot plot of the y position of a sphere bouncing on a plane simulated in Bullet Physics. Source. From: What is the simplest collision example possible in a Bullet Physics simulation?
Does not seem to support it unfortunately:
Python library for Bullet Physics.
Became very popular as of result of people using Bullet Physics for reinforcement learning AI training robot simulations.
Source code: somewhere inside the main Bullet Physics source tree. Yay.
Figure 1. Source.
Was a closed source project by "Roboti LLC", which was then acquired by DeepMind in October 2021 and open sourced March 2022:
This library is quite cool. Feel very brutally lean and mean.
Tested on Ubuntu 23.10;
git clone
cd mujoco
git checkout 5d46c39529819d1b31249e249ca399f306a108ac
mkdir -p build
cd build
cmake ..
make -j
Now let's play. Minimal interactive UI simulation of a simple MJCF scene with one falling cube:
bin/basic ../doc/_static/hello.xml
Test soure code: The only thing you can do is rotate the scene with the computer mouse it seems. Mentioned at:
Some more interesting models can be found under the model/ directory: E.g. the imaginary humanoid robot DeepMind used in many demos can be seen with:
bin/basic ../model/humanoid/humanoid.xml
A more advanced UI with a few controls:
bin/simulate ../doc/_static/hello.xml
Test soure code: Mentioned at:
A very cool thing about that UI is that you can manually control joints. There are no joints in the hello.xml, but e.g. with the humanoid model:
bin/simulate ../model/humanoid/humanoid.xml
under "Control" you move each joint of the robot separately which is quite cool.
Video 1. Demo of MuJoCo's built-in simulate viewer by Yuval Tassa (2019) Source.
There's also a bin/record test executable that presumably renders the simulation directly to a file:
bin/record ../doc/_static/hello.xml 5 60 rgb.out
ffmpeg -f rawvideo -pixel_format rgb24 -video_size 800x800 -framerate 60 -i rgb.out -vf "vflip" video.mp4
Mentioned at: but TODO that produced a broken video, related issues:
Had hardware acceleration in mind from the very start, and for a long time that has meant GPU acceleration.
Figure 1. Source.